Yacht charters worldwide

We offer yachts for rent to any taste worldwide, provide full organization of your adventure
Yacht charters worldwide
We offer yachts for rent to any taste worldwide, provide full organization of your adventure

Travel with PAVETRA

Charter of sailing boats, motor yachts or catamarans
Pavetra is your reliable partner for international yacht booking. We know about all subtleties of the lease and we will help you to choose an ideal yacht which will completely satisfy your requirements.

Thanks to cooperation with leading charter companies we can offer you a wide choice of yachts at more attractive prices than if you address them directly.

Our team will also provide full preparation and insurance for your trip.
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Adventures await you

Finding the perfect yacht
We will help you to find a suitable yacht and book it for the selected dates
We guarantee the best price
Agree with the charter company on the most favorable solutions for you
Let's plan the route
We will tell you about all the features of the region, the places worth visiting
Escort assistance
We will help with the paperwork, support at any stage of the journey

A yacht according to your rules

We take care of all organizational matters and offer quality service with care for you.

Rental formats

Berbout charter >> Captain himself
  • For captains, yachtsmen or those who have their own crew

  • We will choose a yacht in any part of the world according to your requests

  • We will carry out negotiations, book a yacht for you and help to process documents

  • We will support you on all stages of your journey
Yacht charter with crew
  • For those who don't have a captain's license or captains who want to expand their experience and skills

  • Form a crew with professional skippers

  • We will visit exclusive beautiful places along our route

  • We will organize a comfortable stay on the yacht, considering all your wishes

  • Basic yachting training: learn how to manage a yacht under the guidance of an experienced captain

  • We will take care of all the organizational aspects, so you can fully relax and enjoy your rest!

Types of ships

Considering the purpose of the trip
sailing boats
Depending on your preferences and goals, you can choose between cruising and regatta yachts: cruising yachts are suitable for relaxed and comfortable cruising, regatta yachts are ideal for active and sporty holidays.
Suitable for those looking for a fast and maneuverable boat for various water activities and entertainment. They provide the opportunity to enjoy freedom and adventure on the water.
Elegant and comfortable, they have spacious accommodations, stability on the water and the ability to visit remote locations. Thanks to their stability, they provide a smooth and safe sailing experience.
Yachts of high class, with the highest level of comfort for leisure and travel. They have spacious cabins, luxurious interiors, modern equipment and other exclusive amenities.

Get ready for the race:

Experience the full range of emotions by taking part in exciting sailing regattas
Do you want to feel like a team member in a prestigious sailing regatta?
PAVETRA offers participation in famous offshore races such as: Rolex Middle Sea Race, AEGAN 600, Heineken Regatta, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez and others
Spectacular, prestigious sailing competitions are held all over the world. During the race, participants go long distances, testing themselves in unpredictable weather conditions, competing with other teams.

We offer a unique opportunity to be part of our team and try your hand at racing and experience the real joy of sailing.

Calculating the cost of renting a yacht

Need a crew?
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