Tango of the Adriatic

We will be able to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, visit the secluded coves, and also see the extraordinary views of the mountains and cities of Montenegro.
July 22→ 29
Tango of the Adriatic
We will be able to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, visit the secluded coves, and also see the extraordinary views of the mountains and cities of Montenegro.
July 22→ 29


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The landscapes of the Adriatic are among the best onThe Mediterranean Sea. The purest blue sea, beaches, beautiful mountains and forests are waiting for us.
Natural beauty
Montenegro can also see many churches and monasteries that reflect the historical significance of the country.
Architecture of Montenegro
Everything you find in the markets was caught near the shore. Here you can buy fresh mussels, shrimp, oysters and other delicacies.
The freshest seafood
what, where, when?
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Adventure route

DAY 1.
Our week—long yacht tour of Montenegro begins in one of the most beautiful marinas of the Adriatic - Porto Montenegro.
We will spend the first night near Porto Montenegro, anchor at Stradioti Island and throw our own party.
DAY 2.
Stardioti Island — Kotor
On the second day we start exploring the Bay of Kotor. We will go deep into the Bay of Kotor, to the city of Kotor.
DAY 3.
Herceg — Novi
Our next stop will be an oyster farm. Enjoy the freshest oysters, mussels, fish, shrimp and white homemade wine.
After the farm, we will walk along the ancient sea town of Perast and one of the mysterious legends of Montenegro, the Island of Our Lady on the reef.
DAY 4.
At the exit from the bay, we will go out to the open sea and go to the fishing village of Bigova.
DAY 5.
After waking up and swimming, we go to the city of Budva, walk in the open sea along the rocky shores and enjoy the sun and the noise of the sea.
We will stop at a secluded bay for swimming and lunch on the way. Later in the evening we will go with you to the city of Budva.
DAY 6.
In the morning, our return journey begins, we go out to sea, we stand in the bay for morning bathing and breakfast, then we go to Lustica Bay
DAY 7.
On the way back we will try to visit the Blue Caves. In the morning, the water here acquires an incredible blue color, swimming under the high stone arches, you can fall out of the grotto from the other side.
This is the last day of our trip, which means we will try to buy up and enjoy the sea as much as possible.
In the evening we will have a party in Porto Montenegro. The next day is eviction.
Here we will get up to fight and swim, snowboard and just chill. In the evening we will order delicious fish, chorba and octopus salad. This night we will spend in the sea on a buoy and we will stand under the starry sky.
And after that we will have dinner on board the yacht or in one of the restaurants of the old town.
In the city, team members who miss bars and nightlife can go to capture the city by exploring the old streets.
In the evening, we transform from bathing suits into a chic address and go out to enjoy the romance of a beautiful place.
In the evening we will go again to explore another ancient city of Herceg Novi

The cost of the adventure
and what is included in it?

July 22→ 29
1500 €
* -7% on the rent of an entire cabin for two
* To book a place, you need to make a prepayment of 50%
What is included in the price?
— Accommodation in a 2-bed cabin (separate shower and toilet);
— The work of a professional captain;
— A set of linen and a towel per person per week;
— On-board expenses (water, parking, fuel);
— Dings for unloading on the shore;
— Meals on board;
— Learning the basics of sailing skills;
— Cook on board;
— Water activities sap board, fins, masks, pink goose;
— Transfer from Tivat airport.
What is not included in the price?
— Air tickets;
— Visiting restaurants;
— Alcoholic beverages
— Medical insurance;
— Security deposit (300 €), which is returned at the end of the trip.

Who will be the captain?

Founder and project manager of Undersail travel and Pavetra travel. An avid traveler, skipper, yachtsman. Organizer of international travel and expeditions. I have more than 10,000 thousand nautical miles behind my back in the role of captain of the Mediterranean Sea and trips toThe ocean, countless islands and incredible destinations. In my profession, I love to give the WOW effect!
Sergey Kondrashov
Pavel Levandovsky
In yachting since 2015, I have been around the waters of Europe, and also regularly make expeditions to the Canaries and the Azores. A lover of trekking through mountains and fragrant tea. Explored the world from the Amazon forests andFrom the Peruvian mountains to the Asian jungles and tropical islands.
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