Faroe Islands: expedition

Active recreation, where you will visit waterfalls, rocky mountains, small villages and places that cannot be reached by car.
August 15 → 22
Faroe Islands: expedition
Active recreation, where you will visit waterfalls, rocky mountains, small villages and places that cannot be reached by car.
August 15 → 22

In short, Faroes

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Let's look live at the waterfall, which falls directly from the cliff into the ocean. It has a justified name — "The most beautiful waterfall" (Mulafossur Waterfall).
Natural beauty
As you may have noticed, the Faroe Islands are truly relief, which means that we will be able to see many beautiful gorges and coves
Relief of the islands
And what an expedition without observing animals! While swimming, we will look at whales, dolphins and the cutest puffin birds.
Animal world
what, where, when?
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Adventure route

DAY 1.
We are staying in the "capital of the Faroe Islands" — Torshavn. We check into the boat, get acquainted with the team.
In the evening we will go for dinner to the Michelin restaurant "Koks" and try dessert together with "Jans Mortan
DAY 2.
Torshavn — Knowlsoy — Klaksvuik
Let's wake up and go to Knowlsoy Island to listen to local and visiting musicians who play in the grottoes.
DAY 3.
Klaksvuik — Funningur
We will go to the foot of Mount Slattaratindur, to the village of Funningur. There is a legend that the first Viking who reached the Faroe Islands settled here.
The main attraction of this village is the Funningur Church. This is an old wooden church from 1847.
DAY 4.
Funningur — Ayi
In the morning we will have breakfast and = go to = a village called Aya. From the Faroese language, the name translates as "isthmus".
After lunch we will go to the top of Mount Slattaratindur (882 m). Enjoy the incredible nature of the Faroe Islands.
DAY 5.
Ayi — Westmann
We are going to the seventh largest city of the Faroe Islands— Vestmanna, located on the western coast of the island of Streymoy.
We will get to the village of Chirchyubevur. Once the village had the status of the religious and cultural capital of the archipelago.
DAY 6.
Vestmanna — Sandavoavur
On this day, trekking awaits us to Lake Sorvagsvatn.
The lake received an unofficial name  — "lake above the ocean" as it is located several dozen meters above the ocean.
DAY 7 and 8.
Sandavoavur — Torshavn
The last two days we have been moving along the islands at the beginning of our journey.
Check-out from the yacht for the next day before 9:00.
In the very center of the village there is a large stone church built in 1881. in connection with the centenary of the settlement.
And then we will go to the city of Klaksvuyt.
And later we will visit the village of Saksun. The village is surrounded by mountains and has a natural harbor. The population of the village is 30 people. (2006)
The Besdealafossur waterfall falls from the very edge of the lake.

Travel map


The cost of the adventure
and what is included in it?

Faroe Islands
August 15→ 22
1490 €
* -7% on the rent of an entire cabin for two
* To book a place, you need to make a prepayment of 50%
What is included in the price?
— Place on yacht;
— Services of a certified Yachtmaster Offshore Sail skipper;
— Bed linen and towel;
— Safety briefing;
— Learning the basics of yachting.
What is not included in the price?
— A Faroese visa, with an open Schengen, is done in 10 days: you just pay the visa fee at the Danish Consulate (for gr. Ukraine and the EU visa is not required);
— Airfare and Insurance;
— Sightseeing, activities on the shore, if they are not in the program;
— Food, parking in marinas, diesel (divided into the whole team) — these costs will average 150-200euros per person;
—Dessert for dinner at the restaurant meshlen "Koks".

Who will be the captain?

Founder and project manager of Undersail travel and Pavetra travel. An avid traveler, skipper, yachtsman. Organizer of international travel and expeditions. I have more than 10,000 thousand nautical miles behind my back in the role of captain of the Mediterranean Sea and trips toThe ocean, countless islands and incredible destinations. In my profession, I love to give the WOW effect!
Sergey Kondrashov
Pavel Levandovsky
In yachting since 2015, I have been around the waters of Europe, and also regularly make expeditions to the Canaries and the Azores. A lover of trekking through mountains and fragrant tea. Explored the world from the Amazon forests andFrom the Peruvian mountains to the Asian jungles and tropical islands.
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