Azores: in the center of the ocean

We will see empty rocky shores, quiet coves, caves, vineyards, mountains and, of course, many whales and dolphins!
May 20 → 27
May 27 → June 3
Azores: in the center of the ocean
We will see empty rocky shores, quiet coves, caves, vineyards, mountains and, of course, many whales and dolphins!
May 20 → 27
May 27→ June 3

In short, the Azores

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Natural beauty
We will walk along the frozen lava of Cape Kapelinush, and we will also meet the dawn at the peak of the Pico volcano
Whales and cachalot
23 species of whales live here, as well as cachalot. We will definitely try to find them and see them directly from the yacht
Local flavor
Enjoy local Portuguese wine, farm delicacies and take a walk around the cozy island of San Jorge
what, where, when?

Adventure route

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DAY 1.
Fayal Island
We meet at the airport of Lisbon, from where we fly to the island of Faial, Orta Airport. We are going to the hotel, not far from the port.
In the evening we go to gatherings in Cafe Petersport bar.
DAY 2.
Port of Horta, Faial Islands
In the first half of the day, we take a car ride on the island, visit the Capelinhos volcano and the Caldera Reserve. To 17:00 arrive port, located on yachts, being trained, and evening organized by dinner one restaurants of the port.
of Horta
DAY 3.
Port of Horta — San Jorge, port of Velas
We are going to the island of San Jorge, the port of Velas. Let's get acquainted with the yacht's design and enjoy the first passage. We will explore the volcanic pools located on the beach next to the marina, and for the most active we will arrange a trip on scooters around the area.
In the evening, dinner on a yacht with local delicacies and Portuguese wines.
DAY 4.
fr. San Jorge - fr. Terceira
Early in the morning we are heading for the island of Terceira, to the city of Heroes of Angra do Eroizma.
In the evening, we will dock at marina and go to Capitan's Table restaurant to taste tuna carpaccio and juicy local delicacies, and we will drink Portuguese wine.
and dolphins
DAY 5.
We will spend the day on the island of Terceira. Let’s rent a car and go through the natural landscapes in the direction of the Algar do Carvau cave, see the calderas and breathtaking views.
In the evening we will find ourselves in the city of Angra do Eroizmo, where we will get lost in the cozy and ancient streets of the city, the central part of which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
DAY 6.
Terceira — Peak
Moving to another island, along the way we study navigation, learn to stand at the helm, look for whales and swim in the open ocean. We admire the natural beauty of the harsh southern coast of the island, where the whale industry originated— in the past, the main source of income for the inhabitants of the Azores.
In the evening we have dinner in one of the restaurants of the port.
DAY 7.
Pico Island
In the morning we go to explore the island of Pico. We walk on a yacht along the coastline to the landscape of vineyards, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
And after that, we will reach the highest point of Portugal — the Pico volcano. Our start will be from the 1200 m mark and we will overcome 1100 m. heights. We will start our ascent at =night to meet the sunset.
DAY 8.
Pico Island — Faial, Port of Horta
We have breakfast and go to the final segment of our marine part. Along the way, we will try to catch whales with the camera lens and swim in the ocean.
We are going to the legendary pub Peter Sport Café. It has been operating since 1908. Here we will celebrate the end of our expedition by a mysterious and unique Pattern. We spend the night on the yacht.
We will test ourselves in a real ocean yachting, on the way we will be accompanied by dolphins and whales, in the strait between the islands of San Jorge andPico are frequent guests!
The ports were built in 1876 and has always been an intermediate point for many transatlantic navigators, and also was the calling card of the island.
The next morning we release the yacht and fly home.
Pico volcano

Travel map


The cost of the adventure
and what is included in it?

How much?
May 20 → 27
May 27 → June 3
1 200 €
* To book a place, you need to make a prepayment of 50%
What is included in the price?
— Accommodation in a 2-bed cabin (separate shower and toilet);
— The work of a professional captain;
— Two sets of linen and towels per person per week;
— Equipment for water entertainment: fins, masks, tubes, sup-boards;
— Fishing gear;
— Meals on board;
— On-board expenses (water, parking, fuel);
— Dings for unloading on the shore.
What is not included in the price?
— Flights to Lisbon and Faial Island;
— Food and alcoholic beverages on board;
— Visiting restaurants;
— Transfer from the airport and back (can be ordered for an additional fee. payment);
— Rent of hotel (optional for those arriving early);
— Medical insurance;
— Security deposit (300 €), which is returned at the end of the trip;
— Visiting national parks ( 10-20 € )
— Climbing the volcano (Day entry 25 €, Night climb with guide 80 €);
— Rent a car

Who will be the captain?

Founder and project manager of Undersail travel and Pavetra travel. An avid traveler, skipper, yachtsman. Organizer of international travel and expeditions. I have more than 10,000 thousand nautical miles behind my back in the role of captain of the Mediterranean Sea and trips toThe ocean, countless islands and incredible destinations. In my profession, I love to give the WOW effect!
Sergey Kondrashov
Pavel Levandovsky
In yachting since 2015, I have been around the waters of Europe, and also regularly make expeditions to the Canaries and the Azores. A lover of trekking through mountains and fragrant tea. Explored the world from the Amazon forests andFrom the Peruvian mountains to the Asian jungles and tropical islands.
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