Adriatic Odyssey

We will see the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, explore secluded bays and discover majestic landscapes with forests and olive groves, mountains and ancient cities.
Adriatic Odyssey
We will see the beauty of the Adriatic Sea, explore secluded bays and discover majestic landscapes with forests and olive groves, mountains and ancient cities.
Листайте влево, чтобы увидеть все особенности
Sailing trip
A sailing trip around the islands and secluded bays of Croatia is a great opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature, get acquainted with local culture and history, and also take a break from the hustle and noise of cities
This is an amazing combination of Mediterranean, Slavic and Oriental cuisine, which is distinguished by a variety of seafood, meat dishes, cheeses, as well as exquisite wines produced in local vineyards.
Cultural Discoveries
Croatia is a country with a rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in its architecture, art, music and cuisine.
what where When?
Route adventures
Листайте влево, чтобы увидеть все особенности

Marina ACI Trogir

It is located in the central part of the Adriatic coast, 27 km northwest of the center of Split.

The first day is a meeting with a cozy sea town, the ideal starting point for your adventure. Check-in on a yacht. Let’s relax in the atmosphere of Italian architecture, stroll through narrow streets and enjoy the evening view of the bay in one of restaurants and meet the team.
DAY 2.

Solta island

We get acquainted with the yacht and set off to a secluded bay on the island of Šolta.

We raise the sails, feel the wind and enjoy the freedom of the sea. The first steps into our sea adventure!"

Anchorage and dinner on board our yacht.
DAY 3.

Palmizana — Hvar

We go to the Paklin Islands in the place where it became the model for the film "Porco Rosso".

Then the water taxi takes us to the island of Hvar. We walk along the cozy streets of the ancient city, enjoy the atmosphere without crowds of tourists and end the day with dinner in a cozy restaurant in the old city.
DAY 4.

Island of Vis

Our adventure takes us to the island of Vis, where we immerse ourselves in a wine and gastronomic tour. Let’s enjoy unique island wines that reveal the richness of local vineyards.

The experience of cooking in the PEKA style will give your visit a unique taste, immersing you in the atmosphere of the national cuisine and wine art of the island."
DAY 5.

Brac Island, Milnam

We leave for the island of Brac, where we explore the ancient city of Milna.

According to legend, Milna owes its name to its protected position. Mille navi is the Latin name for a thousand ships, meaning that the bay could shelter so many boats back in the days of the Roman Empire. Dinner on board or in one of the restaurants in the old town.
DAY 6.


Morning breakfast and departure to the amazing city of Split. Discover the historical wealth and cultural heritage of this unique place.

Wander through the ancient streets and explore the vast ruins of Diocletian’s Palace, built by order of the Roman Emperor in the 4th century AD. e. A palace complex with more than 200 buildings. Dinner in one of the restaurants in the old city.
DAY 7.


"Last day: We raise the sails and head to the base marina of the city of Trogir. In the evening we enjoy a delicious dinner in a restaurant in the city.

We spend the night on the yacht, the next morning we leave the yacht at 10 am. We return from the yacht with incredible memories of an amazing sea voyage." If desired, the team can stay in hotels, take cars and drive around the surroundings of central dolmatia.
Travel map

The cost of the adventure
and what is included in it?

*There is no time timing in the program; the program is used based on the proposed sailing routes; due to weather conditions and other circumstances, the route program may be modified.

20 → 27 April
27 April → 4 May
4 → 11 May

* To reserve a place, you must make a 50% prepayment
What's included in the price?
— Accommodation in 2-berth cabin
— The work of a professional captain;
— set of linen and towel per person per week;
— Dings for unloading on shore;
— Teaching the basics of sailing;
— Organization of the coastal program
What is not included in the price?
— Air tickets;
— Visiting restaurants;
— Health insurance;
— Onboard expenses, 150 €* (food, drinks, parking, fuel);
— Security deposit (250 €), which is returned at the end of the trip.

Who will be the captain?

Sergey Kondrashov
Founder and project manager of Under sail travel and Pavetra travel. Avid traveler, skipper, yachtsman. Organizer of international travel and expeditions. Behind my back are more than 7,000 thousand nautical miles in the role of captain of the Mediterranean Sea and trips toThe ocean, countless islands and incredible destinations. In my profession, I love to give a WOW effect!
Павел Левандовский
In yachting since 2015, I have traveled around the waters of Europe, and also regularly make expeditions to the Canaries and Azores. Lover of trekking in the mountains and fragrant tea. Explored the world from the Amazon forests and Peruvian mountains to Asian jungles and tropical islands.
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